Students track steps for health benefits

One Del Mar College student has taken nearly 1 million steps this semester.

Pedro Lopez leads the 100 Mile and Steps Challenge with 921,224 steps this spring, according to intramurals records. At least three other competitors have logged more than 500,000 steps.

Four competitors who chose to log only miles have topped the 100-mile goal.

The 100 Mile and Steps Challenge offers students an opportunity to keep track of their fitness and health habits each semester. 

Kristy Urbick, kinesiology instructor and intramural director, said her goal was to provide students not only a chance to keep track of steps or miles but fill them with motivation to follow through and develop healthy habits.

“I think it is a great way for students of all ages and fitness levels to get involved in something that helps them get active,” Urbick said. 

Participants have the choice of choosing between the 100-mile or the steps challenge. The 100-mile challenge consists of running, biking or swimming, whereas the steps challenge keeps track of daily steps taken. 

When a challenge is chosen, the participants begin to keep track of their steps or miles and turn them in every two weeks. Students must complete at least three logs and reach 100 miles or 500,000 steps to get a T-shirt. 

“There are so many health benefits associated with being active like reducing your risk for heart and diabetes, improves your mental health and mood, weight control, etc. Being healthy and active is a lifestyle and something that takes time. You must develop healthy habits and find activities you enjoy,” Urbick said.

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