SGA is crucial to campus life — so get involved

Many students don’t realize they are already paying to be part of the Student Government Association with their tuition. The SGA is an important organization at Del Mar College, if not the most powerful. Not only do they work with DMC administration, but they also help with any issues or concerns students might have.

The SGA is an opportunity for students to voice their opinions and ideas to help DMC grow. Students who attend meetings, or seek officer positions, get to make all students’ interests a top priority and change the experiences we make.

For example, if you forgot you had a test today in your history class and don’t have any money for Scantrons, you can easily walk into the Student Leadership and Campus Life office in the Harvin Center on East Campus and they will gladly give you one for free. They also extended dining hours in the cafeterias and offered Viking meal cards for students with financial aid.

What most students are unaware of about the SGA is you can bring up any issue that is not making your experience at DMC enjoyable or convenient. Let’s say a student who was transitioning did not know where to use the restroom safely. They could address the SGA with their issue and it could be possibly fixed upon discussion.

Any problem the SGA is brought, they attempt to handle it as best as they can. However, that does not mean the more problems there are the more money gets taken out of our tuition. The student fee is $15, with part of it used towards the SGA.

If there is an issue that is common for students, being a part of the SGA can lead to making a difference for many students with their time here at DMC. Students should consider being active in this organization because it has their best interests at heart and wants to make college easier and fun for those who attend.

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