Northwest Center looks to increase student services

Del Mar College Northwest Center is located in the Calallen area of Corpus Christi. Having a center in that area offers more convenience and less travel time for students who live there.

“It’s nice having a location that offers the courses I need so close to home. It saves on travel time,” said London Adcock, a sophomore at DMC. 

According to Mario Flores, Northwest Center Program Coordinator, a main goals for the Northwest Center is to offer all the same services that are currently available at the main East and West campuses. Some of those services would include tutoring and advising. “I would appreciate having access to everything I need for school at the Northwest Center,” said Julie Write. “It would make getting stuff done a lot easier.” 

The DMC Northwest Center is currently offering 29 courses for the fall semester. These include dual credit, academic credit, and continuing education courses. The academic credit courses offer a range of subjects, including sciences geared toward the medical field. All of the continuing education courses are for medical professionals who want to continue learning, or renew their knowledge for the updated information regarding their field.

For the past few years, enrollment numbers have moved up and down accordingly depending on the number of classes offered.  In the year 2015-16, the number of classes offered was 45 and 706 students were enrolled. The enrollment number dropped to 508 in 2016-17 because only 35 classes were offered. This was due to the loss of a partnership with the Corpus Christi Medical Center. We had been able to use two of their large classrooms across the parking lot; however, the partnership only lasted one year because they needed the space back.

The end goal for the DMC Northwest Center is to increase services, enrollment, and visibility to students.

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