Unlucky first day this semester; outlook still hopeful

The packed parking lots, classroom confusions, and the continuing construction are Del Mar’s specialty. In all my duration at Del Mar, my bad luck coincided with the problems described.

Ultimately, fall classes began this term with my luck taking a backseat, yet again. Quite frankly, many others may have experienced the same thing.

The parking lot fiasco occurs every semester, no surprise there. The downfall comes as I scanned the parking lot for a spot, while simultaneously watching the clock tick past. I strive for the perfect parking spot daily. Sadly, my luck would be peculiar if I got the ideal spot.

As expected, I ended up parking on the complete opposite side of the campus and wound up being 10 minutes late. The disappointing luck does not stop there. Previously, I reviewed my schedule countless times to prevent mishaps.

The newest building on campus was highly anticipated by the students and staff. Some classes had planned to be held there, including my first class of the semester.

The minute I drove into the parking lot, I noticed the construction I had seen the previous semester. I clearly remember rolling my eyes and letting out a sigh of exhaustion.

I scrambled to check WebDMC and grab all my books. Being that parking already made me late, I also discovered the class gathered in Heritage Hall.

Of course, I would end up parking directly beside the science building. I speed-walked past all the construction and started reminding myself, “Everyone is late on their first day” and “I can not be the only one.”

Adding to my mischance, I failed in finding my classroom. Who knew there was a small and hidden hallway that led to the back of the building? Apparently, I did not know this.

All eyes landed on me as I awkwardly walked past all the students who arrived on time. Despite my hectic morning at Del Mar, I was pleasantly surprised to notice all the familiar and fresh faces in my classes and around the college.

First impressions of Del Mar this year? Same old campus, same old bad luck, but brand new outlook on college. With major classes beginning and the campus slowly growing, I am hopeful my education and luck will prosper too.  

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