Do you think students should be made immediately aware of all security incidents that occur on campus?

Vikki Esquivel, liberal arts

“Yes, I think if something were to happen and we are not aware of it, then we are at risk of being out there with the danger.”

Heather Lee Meza, Campus Dining worker

“I would say yes for high school ages and under should be informed of things happening on campus. If something like someone pulling a girl into a bush were to happen, then yes I would like to know what he looks like or a description. For college students, no because they’re adults.”

Daniela Palmerin, phlebotomy

“Yes, because a guy had followed me and a girl around, would watch me around the store, mumbled under his breath, came and went whenever he wanted. And I would like to be informed of where he is and what happened to him.”

Raiden Rodriguez, biology

“Yes, we should receive messages if incidents happen especially if someone broke into a car or if a shooting were to happen because if we are close or in a building near the incident, then at least we are aware of what is going on.”

Jennifer Fuentes, nursing

“Yes, because if something is going on you would want to hear about for your own safety. You Don’t want to be unaware of something that could hurt or harm you in any way.”

Beatriz Alvarado, associate professor of psychology

“I do think students have a right to know of challenges there are around campus.”

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