I’d Hit That puts the beatdown on Ball Busters

Del Mar took a break from the intramural leagues and focused on smaller tournaments with a 4-on-4 volleyball tournament on Oct 22.

Kristy Urbick, intramural director, had 10 teams in the bracket and competing for the winning title.

“There are two sides of the bracket and each time a team wins, they get moved up,” Urbick said. “Then at the end, you have two teams competing for a winner.” 

There were nine games on two separate courts. All the teams competed until the top two teams were determined.

Ball Busters brought back their skills from the league to compete in the one-day tournament, securing a spot in the final game. A new team, called I’d Hit That, obtained their spot on the other bracket. Both teams competed for the winning slot.

Ball Busters fell short and I’d Hit That took the title of winner on the tournament bracket.

Jessica Brewer spikes the ball during a volleyball game at East Campus.
Cecilia Irving bumps the ball during the 4- on- 4 volleyball game.

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