3 teams, 3 winners in Ultimate Frisbee

A two-day Ultimate Frisbee tournament finished Oct. 29 with three teams walking away with wins.

Each game consisted of four quarters at six minutes each. The team with the highest score at the end of the quarters won the game.

Day 1 of the tournament had three teams competing. Silly Willies, Team 1 and the Staff+1 let it all out on the court. Silly Willies put up a fast fight and came out winners.

Day 2 of the tournament only had two teams compete. Team 1 and Staff+1 both played two rounds. Team 1 came out with a win for the first round. Staff+1 pushed themselves to take a win for Round 2.

Ultimate Frisbee proved fast and fun for all teams involved and gave each team a winning opportunity.

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