New building set to open Spring 2020

The new General Academics and Music Building is almost ready to open its doors.

According to Lorette Williams, the executive director of communications and marketing, the building will be open in time for Spring 2020.

“Del Mar College will receive the Certification of Occupancy for the building later this week,” Williams said. “The plan is to move staff and faculty into the building during the winter break.”

Illeana Farias, a kinesiology major, is excited to be in the new building.

“I have two of my math classes in the new building next semester,” Farias said. “I’m tempted to see what it looks like inside.

The building will bring the DMC student body, faculty and staff new classrooms, furniture and technology.

Kris Segura, a psychology major, said it’ll be nice to have classes in a newer building.

“I am excited for the new atmosphere,” Segura said. “All of my classes so far have been in the Memorial and Heritage Building. It’s something Del Mar really needed.”

Classes in the new building will include music, psychology, sociology, speech, math, humanities, anthropology, English, government and history.

Eduardo Garcia, a first year student, feels like it’ll be the first day of school all over again once the doors open.

“I have one English class in there next semester and I think it’s going to be fun trying to find my class with everyone else.”

A student lounge area will overlook the Mike Anzaldúa Plaza.
One of the many classrooms in the new General Academics and Music Building.
Floorplans for the rooms unfinished are spread around the floors. Some of the subjects that will be taught will be music, speech, math and history.
A look at the stairs students will be able to relax on near the current music building.

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