Local foster children in need of donations

Del Mar’s Child Development/Early Childhood Program is partnering with the Foster Angels of South Texas to hold their second donation drive for local foster children ages 0-12. 

Sometimes the transitions from one home to the next comes suddenly and the kids are just given a trash bag to put their belongings in, said Amy Mintz, professor of Early Childhood at Del Mar. Some of the children might even show up with nothing. 

“We don’t want a trash bag to be part of a child’s identity,” Mintz said.

The program will purchase 50 duffel bags and the goal is to stuff them with goodies that these children can hold on to from home to home. Students, staff or anyone willing to help can donate necessities such as bed sheets/pillows, hygiene and dental products, and new packaged underclothes. Nightlights are a thoughtful contribution because some kids might be frightened in their new environment and the lights can give them a sense of security, Mintz said. 

The ultimate goal is to brighten the mood of the foster children so throwing in some extra goodies such as coloring books, markers, stuffed animals or toys also is encouraged. 

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services online, there are close to 200 foster children in Nueces County. 

Donations will be accepted through March 6. To donate after this date, contact Mintz before late March, which is when the bags will be put together. The bags will be handed off to the Foster Angels on April 7 and given to needy children in honor of the “Week of the Young Child.”

Dropoff locations are: East Campus — Center for Early Learning, Venters Building Room 237; West Campus — Health Sciences Room 126; and Center for Economic Development, Corporate Services office.

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