Clubs recruit new members during Rush Week

Rush Week is happening now through Sept. 16 in the Harvin Student Center on Heritage Campus and at the Coleman Center on Windward Campus. The event allows students to join and form clubs to connect with others.

Santiago Le Gall said a desire to be more connected and involved at Del Mar led him to create his own club. “Board games, card games, any game with just one board” will be the focus of Le Gall’s proposed Board Game Club.

After finding an adviser, students who want to start new clubs must find 12 students interested in joining. After enough interested students are signed up for proposed clubs, officers must be appointed. There must be a minimum of four officers for each club.

All campus clubs are eligible for funding through the Office of Student Leadership & Campus Life. The amount of funding is dependent on current student enrollment and ranges from about $400 to more than $600 each semester. The funding provided by the school can be used for further fundraising efforts, or to offset costs associated with the required service events, one on campus and one in the community.

“Most clubs are based off of majors” said Sonia Carreon, with Student Leadership & Campus Life. Although the college’s website lists over 50 clubs and organizations, some are restricted to students in programs or majors relating to the club. The Dental Hygiene Club, for example, is open only to dental hygiene majors. As a result of their closed membership, clubs such as that oftentimes use Rush Week to fulfill their Campus Service obligation by providing free or reduced-cost services.

Students can continue to join clubs throughout the semester.

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