Valdar hits the runway with three new outfits

Del Mar College revealed three new outfits for its beloved mascot, Valdar the Viking, at a fashion show-styled event Nov. 3.

Valdar, previously known as “the Viking,” was first unveiled in April 2017 after about a year of development, which saw the college work with David Raymond, the original Phillie Phanatic and owner of Raymond Entertainment.

Starting in September 2017 and concluding in November of the same year, a contest was held to decide a new name for the Viking, replacing one that, according to Del Mar lore “has 15 letters, all consonants, and is impossible to pronounce in English or Spanish.” The final name, submitted by Health Information Technology major Alexandra Lasso, won against 15 other proposals, including Atlas, Brutus and Fluffy.

According to lore, prior to “landing” at Del Mar College, Valdar was frozen somewhere in the Arctic Circle, and was freed from his cold confinement by rising global temperatures. He decided to sail south for somewhere warmer. He would eventually make landfall at Corpus Christi, where he would make his home right here at Del Mar College.

Valdar’s new wardrobe consists of three outfits designed by Avant Garde: a redesign of his standard outfit, a new warm weather beach outfit, and a fancy new tuxedo for special events. Along with the new clothes, Valdar is sporting a shorter blond beard, replacing his longer yellow beard. His characteristic blue face fuzz and horned Viking helmet remain unchanged.

The new casual wear is similar to the old design with a fur-trimmed blue tunic and a gold belt. Unlike the old design, the colors have been muted and the thicker furs have been replaced with a thinner, more South Texas-friendly material.

The beachwear consists of a colorful Hawaiian shirt, matching light blue T-shirt and shorts, and a pair of brown sandals.

The formal wear finds Valdar dressed in a dark blue tuxedo, complete with a pair of black dress shoes and a red cummerbund belt.

With the new wardrobe, Valdar is prepared for any number of appearances he makes throughout Del Mar College and local events, such as his next appearance at Meadowbrook Elementary’s tailgate party. Valdar will continue to be a constant presence on campus, according to Beverly Cage, director of Student Leadership and Campus Life.

“You will always see him on campus, and in events here on campus all the time,” Cage said.

The new designs were a product of Del Mar College’s continued rebranding efforts, which were formally announced in August 2021. According to Cage, the rebranding was what instigated the new design.

“Valdar was frozen, and came, and was in this really hot woolly outfit,” she said, “So we thought, if the college is rebranding, we’re going to update Valdar so he can be comfortable and be in South Texas weather.”

The new designs were met with warm reception by Del Mar and Collegiate students, such as Armando Martinez.

“I think the design is pretty cool, it’s a little different but not something too different. It’s nice,” Martinez said.

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