Del Mar College seeks to fill vacancy on Board of Regents

Following the resignation of Linda Villarreal, Del Mar College’s Board of Regents is looking to fill a now vacant at-large seat.

The vacancy of Villarreal’s at-large seat was formally announced Jan. 4 on the DMC website and applications for the position opened the same day.

Villareal, who was appointed to the board in 2021, resigned after accepting a dean position at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Her resignation was accepted by the board on Dec. 13 and went into effect Jan. 1.

Any candidates seeking to apply are subject to certain legal requirements: A candidate must be a Texas resident for at least one year, they must be a resident of the Del Mar College District for at least six months and they must be registered to vote.

“We look for in general somebody who can represent the taxpayers,” said Board Chair Carol Scott. As an at-large seat, the candidate will also represent other local interests such as businesses and communities. Candidates with a connection to DMC are preferred.

Applications will be accepted until Jan. 27, and the chosen candidate will be announced some time prior to the Board of Regents’ February meeting.

During the Feb. 14 meeting, the candidate will be sworn into office and begin work immediately and serve out the remainder of Villarreal’s term, through 2024.

The Board of Regents is Del Mar’s primary governing body, consisting of nine elected board members elected for six-year terms. The board acts as a collective authority, with no individual regent wielding any formal power beyond the decisions made when the board is convened.

The board guides college policy and is responsible for appointing the top positions in DMC’s administration, including the president and CEO. The goals, intentions and qualifications of those who sit on the board play an important role in shaping the environment and experience at Del Mar College.

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