Del Mar College journalism, radio & TV students win 52 awards at annual conference

Student journalists recently attended the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Spring Convention in Fort Worth and won 52 awards and two scholarships.

TIPA, the nation’s oldest and largest collegiate press association, hosts a three-day conference each year with speakers, workshops and contests where students compete against others from around the Lone Star State.

“It was my first time at TIPA so that was intimidating,” said radio/TV major Heather Medina. “We’re competing with so many colleges from all over the state, so I was really shocked that I was awarded a second-place spot [Radio Announcement live Contest] as well as a few other awards for work I had done last semester.”

Keynote speaker Frank D. LoMonte, an American lawyer and journalist, focused on discussing the rights of student journalists during a luncheon on March 24.

TIPA sponsor Sony Electronics Inc. gave students an opportunity for a free professional headshot for their resumes as well as had a workshop explaining how the Sony Mirrorless camera works. Two students were awarded the cameras at the end of the conference.

“The most memorable moment of the TIPA conference for me was the opportunity to meet with Sony Electronics. I was able to talk with their representative and after I left, I felt like I had gained so much knowledge and new ideas. It really encouraged me to get better at my craft,” said Nemo Zamora, a radio/TV major.

Other sponsors included Baylor University, DMC and several other colleges as well as PR firm Weber Shandwick, Texas Community College Journalism Association, Texas Auto Writers Association, Flytedesk, Community Impact, Texas Center for Community Journalism and Society of Professional Journalist Fort Worth Chapter.

“I had a grand time,” said Andrew- Pól Clements, editor-in-chief of the Foghorn News. “I certainly enjoyed getting to meet all the other editors and student journalists, sharing ideas and experiences.”

For one of the live contests, TIPA advisers booked a live band where college students mingled while covering the concert For another, a drowning and rescue were staged by local first responders.

“It was a real-life experience into the media world,” said Rudy Hinojosa Jr., a radio/TV major. “It taught me to be on my toes when it comes to getting the scoop.”

The conference concluded with an awards breakfast where Robert Muilenburg, DMC Professor of Journalism and TIPA’s current executive director, listed off its contest and scholarship winners while students and advisers enjoyed their meals.

“The most insane part was getting awarded a scholarship. I’m still trying to comprehend that,” Medina said about winning the $2,500 Legacy Builder scholarship for transferring students.

Clements, who took home second place for the live editorial cartoon contest among several previously published awards, said he was surprised with the results.

“Getting to compete with and get counted among student journalists and student publications … I can’t help but swell with little pride,” Clements said.

Learning from industry professionals and networking at TIPA is something that greatly benefits DMC students. The contest results show that its students learn best not just from their local college professors but from the conventions they attend as well.

“To have first-year students not just compete but win against students with more experience from large universities speaks volumes to their determination and natural talent,” said Scott Beckett, Journalism lab adviser.

Associate Professor Robert Muilenburg will be passing the torch to Julie Reed, who will be TIPA’s new executive director in the years to come.

“I had a faculty member from Baylor look at me with tears in their eyes and said, ‘I have hope for the future of our [journalism] profession,’ and that says it all,” Reed said. “I’m so honored to do it, I’m so excited … looking forward to next year in San Marcos.”

Del Mar Contest Winners

  • 1st Place [Editorial Page Design]Staff
  • 1st Place [General News Multimedia Story]Andrew- Pól Clements and Heather Medina
  • 1st Place [Feature Reporting – Audio]Robert Barerra
  • 1st Place [General Column]Jessica Rivas
  • 1st Place Headline WritingStaff
  • 1st Place [Advertising/PSA/Promo – Audio]Heather Medina
  • 1st Place [Advertising/PSA/Promo – Video]Gabrielle Gomez
  • 1st Place [Ad Design]Logan Lankford
  • 1st Place [Newspaper Cover Design]Ana Alldredge
  • 2nd Place [Feature Reporting – Video]Heather Medina
  • 2nd Place [Multimedia Feature] Andrew- Pól Clements and Marissa Rodriguez
  • 2nd Place [Advertising Campaign]Heather Medina
  • 2nd Place [Special Section Design]Staff
  • 2nd Place [News Production – Audio]Matthew Garza, Robert Barerra and Malana Kinnett
  • 2nd Place [Sports Page Design]Eve Stogner
  • 2nd Place [Editorial Page Design]Staff
  • 2nd Place [Feature Page Design]Philip Perez
  • 2nd Place [Cartoon Strip]Ben Cassels
  • 2nd Place [Infographic]Nichaela Shaheen
  • 2nd Place [Breaking News Photo]Ana Alldredge
  • 3rd Place [Best Website]Staff
  • 3rd Place [Best Newspaper]Staff
  • 3rd Place [Podcast]Matthew Garza
  • 3rd Place [General News Photo]Nichaela Shaheen
  • 3rd Place [Sportscast – Audio]Matthew Garza
  • 3rd Place [Sports Reporting – Audio]Amber Ashworth
  • 3rd Place [Sportscast – Video]Matthew Garza, Marissa Rodriguez, COMM 1337 TV II
  • 3rd Place [Live Newscast – Video]Ashly Morales
  • 3rd Place [General News Story]Ana Alldredge
  • 3rd Place [Photojournalist of the Year]Nichaela Shaheen
  • 3rd Place [Multimedia Feature]Ana Alldredge and Jack Kramer
  • 3rd Place [Advertising/PSA/Promo – Audio]Matthew Garza
  • 3rd Place [Sports Game Story]Logan Lankford
  • 3rd Place [Program Production – Video]Jake Hernandez
  • 3rd Place [Program Production – Audio]Matthew Garza, Robert Barerra and Heather Medina
  • 3rd Place [Comic Strip]Val Cantu
  • 3rd Place [Environmental Portrait]Nichaela Shaheen
  • 3rd Place [Photo Story]Melissa Mata
  • HM [Sports Reporting – Audio]Matthew Garza
  • HM [Sportscast – Video]Robert Barerra, Ariel Saenz and Nicholas Torres
  • HM [Live Video Newscast]Staff
  • HM [Feature Reporting – Video]Andrea Puyol
  • HM [Podcast]Robert Barerra
  • HM [In-Depth Reporting]Philip Perez
  • HM [General News Video Story]Heather Medina
  • HM [Overall Design – Website]Staff
  • HM [Overall Design – Newspaper]Staff
  • HM [Breaking News Photo]Ana Alldredge
  • 2nd Place [Editorial Cartoon]Andrew-Pól Clements
  • 2nd Place [Radio Sports Reporting]Manuel Alvarez
  • 2nd Place [Radio Announcing]Heather Medina
  • HM [Best of Show Newspaper]Foghorn News
  • Heather Medina was awarded the Legacy Builder Scholarship to transfer to a four-year college.
  • Marie ‘Lola’ Ponce was awarded the Jeff W. Henderson Memorial Scholarship for community college students.

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