Rush Week offers chance to connect with other students

The Harvin Center’s main lobby will be hosting Club Rush Week from Sept. 18-22.

“Club Rush Week is the week that we recruit students to join the different clubs we have here on campus,” said Grace Carreon with Student Leadership and Campus Life. “Whatever club that interests them, they can just speak to the members and see what their needs are.”

Clubs are not the only groups that students are open to joining, however.

“We also have the Student Government Association that they can join,” Carreon said.

Not only will students be open to joining clubs and/or the SGA, but they can also form clubs as well.

“We have the paperwork in our office in the Harvin Center, Room 105,” Carreon said.

There is not only paperwork, but also a membership quota for the club to formed.

“You have to have the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and at least 15 club members,” Carreon said.

For more information on clubs and/or the SGA, contact Carreon at or 361-698-1284.

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