Tuesday nights are for tennis

The intramurals program is hosting tennis learning and playing sessions every Tuesday night for the remainder of the semester.

No experience is needed to join these sessions; students are encouraged to simply come on in. These lessons are held by student assistant Yetta Williams, who has many years of experience with the sport.

“I’ve had seven-plus years of playing competitively,” Williams said. “I have run and assisted tennis camps. I have also been hired as a tennis camp counselor.

Comparing these lessons to her past camps, Williams noted slight changes.

“It’s a little bit different,” Williams said. “It’s just getting to know people and getting to know what they can do.”

She also notes a personal aspect of helping others to play tennis.

“A big part of it is getting to know an individual and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses,” Williams said. “Working with them and getting them to be a part of the group.”

The inaugural Sept. 12 session proved to be a successful endeavor.

“It was simply a lot of fun,” Williams said.

One aspect she was fond of was helping the participants realize their skills in the sport.

“Seeing that person recognize what they’re doing and how they can accomplish what they want is what I appreciate,” Williams said.

At its core, the aim of Tuesday Tennis Night Lights is merely to have fun while coming to terms with a sport, perhaps a new one.

“I love to see people out there hitting the ball,” Williams said.

The sessions are held from 7-9 p.m. every Tuesday night in the tennis courts at the Heritage Campus.

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  1. To whomever can run and endure the physicality of tennis, I give major props to them. Tennis is super athletic, and I could never participate.

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