Sneak peek into the progress of White Library renovation

Sneak peek on ‘active construction site’ given by Dean of Learning Resources, Cody Gregg, on March 21 revealed first, fourth and fifth floors, with ‘some’ progress on the third floor.

The near completed fourth and fifth floors have bookshelves with the books being held in a storage facility out in Houston in a climate-controlled environment.

“We carried three or four frames and shelves at a time, in one elevator, up to the fifth floor,” said Gregg.

Fifth floor will mostly be student study rooms, book collections, staff offices along with quiet study rooms and a view of Heritage campus grounds and further into the Corpus Christi Bay and the bride, in another area.

Testing Center, IT tech, Writing Center will be located in the new and improved White Library.

According to Gregg, White Library will be near completion by the end of this year.

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