Pickle Fest comes to Corpus

Local Nueces Brewing and Barbecuing Company hosted their inaugural festival dedicated solely to pickles on Mar. 23. Though food festivals centering pickles have been common in major cities, Corpus Christi has never had one. Many local vendors joined together to help produce the first one aptly titled ‘Nueces County Pickle Fest.’ The celebration ran from 11:30A.M. to 6P.M.

“We have a vision of growing it city-wide, little bit bigger. We feel that ever city has their own festival and we like to make Corpus Christi the official home of the Pickle Fest.” Brandon Harper, Co-Owner of Nueces Brewing Co. said. 

On top of celebrating the popular foodstuff, there was entertainment through a dunk tank, balloon animals, and a variety of musicians. The business also took the time to release some new products as well.

“This is our first ever event we’ve had for pickles,” Nueces Brewing and Barbecuing employee Jonathon Robles said. “We’re going to have a pickle contest of the best pickle whatever you can bring in.”

The festival was a delicious treat to members of the community. Not only was the entrance free, but it was available to children and pets. And local vendors partnered up to make some delicious food. Nueces Brewing Co. also came prepared.

“We’ll have pickle fried chicken legs, pickled flavored cotton candy, dressed pickles with chamoy, tajin, and different types of sugar.” Harper said.

One of the biggest concerns over the festival was the venue’s size.

“The crowd we brought is more than we expected,” Robles said. “It’s a little tough to manage, but I feel like we’re keeping up well with everything.”

With these setbacks in mind, hopes for improved future Pickle Fests remained high.

“I’d say we’re doing good,” Robles said. “We could do better, but we would need the manpower to do that.”

Hinojosa agrees with this sentiment.

“I would go every year,” Hinojosa said. ‘It’s awesome and I love pickles and I love festivals.”

2 thoughts on “Pickle Fest comes to Corpus

  1. Corpus Christi needs a yearly festival so that we get to promote our city as a great place to get a great education, play, work and live. Thanks to local businesses like Nueces Brewing and Barbecuing Company that have invested in the this community and have seen the need for a festival such as “Nueces County Pickle Fest”. We can move forward and see before our our eyes how our city will thrive even more. I wasn’t able attend this year’s Pickle Fest but rest assured I’m getting ready for next year’s “Nueces County Pickle Fest” which I know will be much bigger and better than it’s inaugural start.

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