Lets analyze time

86,400 secs in a day. 24 hours a day. How do

you spend them?  The bible says, (and this is

my interpretation), you are supposed to tithe

ten percent.  This is of all your wealth. Your

time is your most valuable asset.  Jesus said

“give of yourself ” and I believe that means

“volunteer” and 10 % of your day is 2 hours &

forty minutes.  Could you give up 2 hours of

facebook time or TV time to “give of yourself?”

What about 2 hours out of every week?  Could

you then?  Even if you could, would you?  If you

would, where would you want t o volunteer?

Picture a world influenced by charity rather

than debt.  Kindness beating out greed.

Is this too sappy?  Depends on if you have

experienced any crisis of community.


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