Rev Run comes to Bay Area Fellowship

Rev Run comes to Bay Area Fellowship Setempber 17th and 18th

Krystal Villarreal/Staff Reporter

Rev Run (Joseph Simmons), formerly known as DJ Run from RUN DMC, will be in Corpus Christi on September 17 and 18 to speak at Bay Area Fellowship.

Simmons will be addressing how he developed his relationship with the Lord through his personal experiences.

“We decided to bring Rev Run to BAF because he is such a recognizable figure in every circle and even though he is a motivational Christian speaker, he will also draw in non-Christians as well which is great,” said Bryan Fiscus, Director of Television and Media at BAF.

Simmons will share with the viewers the journey on how he went from Run to reveal himself as Rev Run and how he leans on god through his tough times.

“Recently he was a victim of hurricane Irene and his house is currently flooded,” said Aaron Guevara, Executive Assistant to Pastor Bil Cornelius. “He’s staying at a hotel and he is struggling right now as we speak. We all have different levels of struggles, some are more severe than others.”

Just like any organization, there will always be positive and negative feedback and although some may argue that BAF goes too far when it comes to advertising, Fiscus disagrees.

“We unapologetically will continue to push the envelope to reach more people for Christ,” said Fiscus. “We will do anything short of illegal and immoral to reach people, aside from that, anything is on the table.”

Last year BAF was ranked the 15th fastest growing church in America.

“We have been so blessed and we do all of these big events and giveaways literally not just to blow our name up but because we believe in our cause, our cause for Christ,” said Fiscus. “We want to draw as many eyes to Corpus Christi as possible and so many people would never expect Rev Run to come here or would never expect any organization in Corpus Christi to be ranked 15th in America.”

BAF has 8 churches through out Texas and has 8,000 members. BAF is also the fastest growing church in America.

“Rev Run coming to BAF opens up a wider demographic because both people who knew him from RUN DMC in the 80’s, and younger people who know him from Runs House, an MTV reality show, will want to come see him and come to our church,” said Guevara.

Fiscus feels confident that once people come to the facility, they will want to keep coming back.

“When our guests meet and interact with our people, volunteers, and pastors, I know they are going to experience a different reality than what they think or have heard about BAF,” said Fiscus. “Our goal is to get as many bodies on campus as possible and once they are here, we hope and are very confident that they will keep coming back.”

There are a lot of negatives, people associate with Corpus, and with that being said, BAF is working to do anything and everything possible to bring a positive connotation when someone mentions our city by the bay.

“We feel like it is our job and the churches job to lead the way to turning a community around,” said Fiscus. “And we feel like BAF has brought that when it comes to the community of faith.”

All events at BAF are free of charge and open to the public, and BAF invites everyone to come and see Rev Run.

“I think it’s a good idea bringing a high profile figure to BAF to share his views and insight on his religion and to try and get people to reconnect with god,” said student Elizabeth Garza.

Simmons will be speaking at all of the services that weekend which include: 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. service on Saturday the 17 and the 8:30 a.m., 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 1:30 p.m. services on Sunday the 18th.

“Our ultimate goal is for more people to reach Christ by everything we do and that’s carried out by attracting as large of a group as possible so that our pond that we are fishing in is huge,” said Fiscus. “We want everyone to see the remarkable service when Rev Run is here.”

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