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So what exactly is social media? The majority of you know and don’t even realize it. Every time you check your Facebook, update your Twitter status, watch the newest viral video on YouTube, share a picture on Tumblr, or even read an article on Wikipedia, you are adding to the social media spiderweb. Social media is a interactive conversation online. As the world begins to revolve around this relatively new, innovative, and ever evolving connection, I’m here to help you stay up to date. I’m Emily Bell, an admitted technology addict, social media queen, and student at Del Mar. I’m constantly floating from website to website finding all the current technology, news, trends, and (guiltily) gossip. So in my quest to keep up, I’ll be updating this blog along with my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and any other social network I fancy, so that you all can stay connected too. Submit any questions, comments, or suggestions you have for me and I’ll answer them all (or Google it to find out)!

So until my next post, I’ll leave you with my top 5 social media networks to explore and why I love them:

  1. Facebook ( This is my number one mostly because this is the most mainstream network and all of my friends and family have an account. Do I really need to explain how this site works?
  2. Tumblr ( Tumblr is a recently popular social website, though it’s been around since 2007. I love it because I’m a very visual person and the majority of blogs are photos, images, and random charts. And another thing: memes. Google it, you won’t regret it.
  3. Twitter ( Twitter allows you to pretty much connect any other social media network to your account so this is my hub for all of the posts I put out into the world wide web. Also I follow a ton of celebrities on Twitter and who doesn’t love celebrities?
  4. StumbleUpon ( This website leads you to random sites you would never find otherwise. It collects your interests and then you press a button and it takes you to a website, photo, song, really anything it thinks you might like. You can like or dislike each page so it is always updating your preferences. I find a lot of random, interesting, entertaining things here.
  5. We Heart It ( And finally because I’m a photo junkie, here is We Heart It. It’s a simple concept of uploading pictures and “hearting” the ones you like. If you decide to heart a picture, it saves it to your profile so you can find it later. Very simple, yet I literally spend hours at a time on this website.

Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology. –Brain Solis, Principal of FutureWorks

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