DMC students embrace GIS technology

Joe Califa, a GIS major and president of the GeoInfo Science Organization helps Rory McGowan a Moody HS Freshman

Kelsey Heatley/ Web Editor

GIS Technology Is Changing Our World

The DMC GeoTech Center, Texas A&M-Kingsville and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi teamed up on November 16 for the 14th annual Geographic Information Systems GIS) day. 

According to, a geographic information system integrates hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying forms of geographically referenced information.

The free event was open to local schools, students, and residents interested in learning about GIS applications.

GIS day provided hands on activities, presentations, and visits with GIS professions and experts who work in fields such as education, industry, government and other various fields who use GIS technology.

Visitors were able to see GIS, Remote Sensing-Satellites and Global Positioning System for themselves

GIS is used in everyday systems such as public safety, land use, health care, and businesses and in education. “GIS is computer based mapping that allows people to see visual geographic features on a map that can provide a better understanding,” said John Nelson GISC Instructor and Outreach Coordinator with the National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence

For more information on the DMC GIS program degrees and certificates visit

Local schools that attended this event were Moody High School, Annapolis Christian Academy, Corpus Christi College Preparatory High School, Flour Bluff High School, and many more.

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