Clubs getting ready for Rush Week

A.J. Benvides/Staff Writer

Rush Week will take place at Del Mar College from February 13-17 at the Harvin Center. Rush week gives the clubs and organizations the opportunity to inform the student body of their purpose and recruit new members. “When I first started at Del mar almost two years ago, I had no idea so many clubs were offered here,” said kinesiology major Ryan Salazar. “It opened my eyes to how much of an active role the students take in this campus.”

“Statistics show that when a student is engaged in campus life, they do better in school,” said Beverly Cage, The Director of Student Leadership and Campus Life. “All week long clubs will have tables set out in the Harvin Center passing out candy, snacks and things like that. We’ve had clubs also pass out shirts,” said Cage.  “I think it’s great that the clubs have this chance every semester to educate Del Mar students and show them what they’re organization has to offer,” said Cage.

Selena Alaniz, an education major, got involved with the Student government association because of Rush Week. “They stopped me last semester and told me how important it was to be involved with the school and that my membership would be valuable. Now I’m looking forward to participating in this spring’s rush week to bring in new members,” said Alaniz.

Clubs are open to all students regardless of major. Requirements and more info will be available on site.

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