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Walter Vernon Kramer

Walter Vernon Kramer
Assistant Professor of Geology

Kramer was born in Victoria, Texas with one younger sister. He received the last BS Mining Engineering degree given in the State of Texas from Texas Western College. Kramer also received his MS in Geology from UT El Paso, incomplete Geology doctorate program New Mexico School of Mines and his elementary school certification from CCSU. He retired after 30 years of working in industries of the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and Texas.

Why teach?
Being around students who want to learn about our Earth and Universe is an incredibly motivational and moving experience for me for the right years I have been teaching here.

If you could invite 4 people to dinner who would they be and why?
Starting with 2 people whom I have previously met including: Harrison Schmidt, Apollo 17 who was the only geologist to walk on the moon; Stephen Hawking the physicist of Black Hole fame; then Chuck Yeager, the ace-fighter pilot who first broke the sound barrier and finally the first person who will someday actually walk on Mars.

What are five bands on your IPod?
Cultural music selections from countries around the world, the Phantom of the Opera, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr. and music from the Paint Your Wagon movie.

What’s your favorite movie? 
Star Wars – the complete series (I can almost see all of these adventures actually happening)

What is your favorite hobby outside of class?

Fishing, fossil and mineral collecting, gardening, exploration, finding new things, etc. I have too many favorites.

What is the worst excuse you’ve heard from a student?
Math is too hard for me to learn!

What’s one fact about you that your students would find surprising?
I have actually taken at least one college class all the decades of my life (except for the first decade).

If you could visit one place where would it be?

Candor Chasm -the Grand Canyon of Mars

Favorite book?
The “Dune” series by Frank Herbert

Favorite quote?
You are never too young or too old to learn.

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