Facing Final Exams

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Kelsey Heatly/Associate Editor

At the end of every semester there is one thing all students have to face, finals.
Preparing for finals can be the most difficult and stressful part of the semester for a majority of students.
Ruby Foster a music educational vocal major has a performance, jury, and voice lesson as her finals for this semester.
Foster said that her hardest final would be for Theory.

“To prepare for that I go over previous homework work assignments and use flashcards,” Foster said.
Foster feels like she’s not as stressed as other students are during finals.
“I think that I’m well prepared and I know that will show through my work,” Foster said.
Along with Theory, foster has Voice Lesson Jury and Choir to prepare for. “ For voice lesson jury I just rehearse three songs and make sure I apply my technique. For choir I just show up to the performance and sing my music as I rehearse,” Foster said.

Zincollegelife.com says that planning your week around studying is one of the basic things about tackling finals. Knowing what subject you are going to study at what time, how long you devote to each class. Every aspect of your life should be planned until finals are over.
Anna Castro who is majoring in Sign Language Interpreting says finals are tough for her.

“Finals are always nerve racking for me. It’s hard to remember what assignments need to be focused on for each class,” Castro said.
Castro is taking interpreting, sign language three, intro to deaf community, and Interlingua.
“In of my classes I have to remember the code of ethics, idioms, what they mean, the sign for it, and self analysis. It’s going to be tough,” Castro said.

Strategizing everyday activities such as sleep, exercise, snacks and supplements can also have a huge affect on the process of studying for a final.
According to an article of fastweb.com student life there are nine different steps that can help students better prepare for finals. It includes starting early, organization, outlining, making flashcards, getting help, sleeping, staying calm, not rushing and relax post-exam.
Amanda Jackson communications major is prepared for her finals, but doesn’t feel they’re necessary.
“I don’t think finals should be a huge percentage of your grade it should be like any other test. If you go to class all semester and make good grades, that should be a good enough reason to pass,” Jackson said.

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