Digging into Fall Intramurals

Devin Tyler / Staff writer

Basketball, Football, Soccer and Baseball are some of the sports that one might hear about on a regular basis, but what about Pickleball, Turkey Trot and Corn Hole Toss? This semester, Del Mar College is continuing their fall intramural season. Most events will take place in the Kinesiology area of campus, which is the Gymnasium, East Campus track, Aquatics Complex, Shelby Torrance tennis court, and Racquetball court.

Del Mar’s Intramural season extends from September 11until November 28. The three events in September have all concluded: the One Mile Swim, Ace in the Hole Volleyball Serving Competition, and Co-Recreation Volleyball.

Del Mar Registered Nursing Major Ashley Woods said that when she was in high school she was able to play sports and received a “full ride” scholarship. “As soon as I broke my foot my senior year they all went out the door. Intramurals for me is an opener to allow me to play the same sports I still like without having the stressful college feeling and still having fun,” said Woods. Woods participated with her team “The Bulldogs” in the Co-Recreation Volleyball Tournament.

Del Mar’s Intramural Sports program is every Fall and Spring Semester. It allows students to become involved in many types of sporting events such as Basketball, Flag Football, Tennis, and Volleyball. There are also other events that are not so common like Racquetball, Dodge ball, Turkey Trot Fun Run, Pickleball, and a 1-mile Swimming event.

“Intramural’s brings people together here to be able to learn different varieties of sports because without sports, there’s not much for people to do for fitness,” Intramural Coordinator and Journalism major, Rilwan Sanusi said.

During the remaining Fall Intramural season, a CPR class will be held, November 15from 8am to 6pm for a fee of 45 dollars. Signing up for the class will begin on October 29 through November 7. The class will be held in the AQ (Aquatics) room 201.

This October’s Intramural events will consist of Football and Pickleball. On October 9 a Punt, Kick, Pass Competition will be held on East Campus Track. The sign up deadline will be 15 minutes before the event (2:45pm) in the Gymnasium 108.

On October 11 the Pickleball Tournament will be held in Gym 116 at 3pm. The sign up deadline is also 15 minutes before the event (2:45pm) in the Gymnasium 108.

The last event of October will be 4 vs. 4 Flag Football on October 15 at 3pm on the East Campus Track. The Captain’s meeting to sign up their team will be on October 10 at 3pm in Gym 116.

“With all the technology in this generation, we put a lot more priority on sitting down then actually moving around,” said Chari Heck, Intramural Director of 3 years. She said that the best thing Intramural’s does for Del Mar Students is it keeps students physically moving and staying active. “If we can get more people moving it would just be a much healthier life.”

For further information such as concerns, regulations, forms, and rules visit http://www.delmar.edu/kine/intramurals.html. To contact the Intramural department, email dmcintramurals@delmar.edu or call 361-698-1337 room G-108.

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