Del Mar College alert program

http://concord.bbb.orgRaena-Lyn Ramirez / Staff writer

In the wake of the Columbine and Newtown shootings and the most recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, it has become surreal that even the student next to you may be the next killer. Any time a child is murdered it is a tragedy, but when the killer is a child as well, it’s even worse.  Some schools have chosen to have armed security guards on the grounds in the event of a crisis.

The focus at Del Mar College is emergency preparedness for any situation whether it is as critical as the recent school shootings or as simple as a weather event and so officials created the Del Mar Alert Program.

The program is a personalized service used to communicate with students, facility and staff during crises or emergencies that will disrupt class attendance.

Recipients of the automated alerts must subscribe to the service. DMC officials encourage all students and staff to sign up for this service that will keep them informed via email or text. Most students and faculty have access to email and text messages, the fastest ways to send information to all concerned.

For more information on this service, contact DMC Security at 361/698-1199 (24 hours a day).

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