Health care website problems draw scrutiny

Glitches lead to
more questions,
much conflict

Mia HawesReporter

Photo illustration by Beatriz Alvarado
Photo illustration by Beatriz Alvarado

Since the launch of, problems have risen from glitches in the site’s make-up, leading people to question who is to blame for the glitches, and whether the nation was really ready for Obamacare to be passed.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the health care website has had problems since it was launched on Oct. 1.

There were complaints of lengthy delays, problems with logging in and incorrect information sent to insurance companies, according to CNN.

According to government documents released Nov. 13, just 26,794 Americans had been able to sign up for insurance using the federal health care marketplace.

With all the scrutiny on the website’s problems and complaints from people needing insurance, the question of who is to blame is causing conflict among Republicans, Democrats and the nation.

According to CNN, Republicans are using the website’s problems to attack the Affordable Care Act and find more reasons to argue against it.

On Oct. 24, a hearing was held with the House Energy and Commerce Committee to find out who is at fault for the website’s glitches.

According to the Washington Post, contractors on the websites blame the government for the problems, because the site was not ready to be carried out and the government had known that.

Since the first signs of problems with appeared, people have disagreed with the system and questioned the nation’s readiness for it.

According to Business Insider, some supporters of President Barack Obama have now turned their back on him because they feel they got screwed over with cancelation of their plans.

“I think the whole system for the health care program is messed up,” said Kaitlyn Van Zandt studio art major at Del Mar College. “They took it too fast and now the nation is struggling to catch up. Plus the price of it is ridiculous. The nation cannot afford this right now, its people or its government.”

“I feel that it is rushed, and that we aren’t ready for it,” said Caitlin Pyle, wildlife conservation major at Tarleton State University.

“The problem with Obamacare was the launch of the website,” said Molly Smith, a political science major at Del Mar College. “There were many glitches, and when creating a profile many got error messages.”

On Nov. 8 Obama apologized to Americans who are losing their health insurance plans. After much debate about how to solve the problem, the president on Nov. 12 announced a one-year extension for those who had their plans canceled. It would be up to the insurance companies to reinstate coverage.

Although the trouble of finding insurance and doctors is difficult to decide, at the end one will have better insurance coverage that meets the Affordable Care Act’s standards,” Smith said.

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