Del Mar offers free car repairs

No cost for labor,
just parts, for DMC
students, faculty

Maria LaraReporter

Jonathan Fredrick (from left), Marcus Samaniego and Jonathan Hargis complete an oil filter change on West Campus.
Jonathan Fredrick (from left), Marcus Samaniego and Jonathan Hargis complete an oil filter change on West Campus.

Free automotive labor services are offered to Del Mar students and faculty at Del Mar College’s West Campus in the Automotive Department.

Jorge Sanchez, professor of automotive and applied technology, has been an instructor at Del Mar for over 35 years.

“We have to give our students the best education we can,” Sanchez said. “By giving them actual cars to work on and hands-on experience is the best way to do that.”

Students in the Automotive Department are taught hands-on experience to help them succeed in their careers. The automotive class offers tune-ups, air-conditioning repair, wheel alignments, check-engine-light services, electrical starter and alternators, to name a few.

To get work done for free, not including the cost of parts, you must check with the instructor of the class or online, Sanchez said. The services are offered in a schedule that the class follows just like a syllabus.

“Being able to work on cars all day and learning more every day has been my dream,” said Willie Cantu, a student at Del Mar College majoring in automotives. “In my class I get to get my hands dirty and taught one on one.”

Marisela Figuroa, a student at DMC, took her car in to get her brakes and the alignment done last month.

“Being a college student is very expensive, paying for books and classes,” Figuroa said. “Having these services provided for us is great. I just paid for my parts and the services were free.”

Next time your car is stalling, or your check-engine light is on, remember that you can have it all fixed at Del Mar West Campus.

According to Sanchez, just log on to your DMC account and click on “automotives schedule” to see when you are able to take in your car. Different services will be offered throughout the semester at different times. For more information you may also call any instructor of the Automotive Department.

4 thoughts on “Del Mar offers free car repairs

  1. My name is Collin Cassel, my brother gave me a car and I heard that Del Mar offers to fix it for learning purposes,I really don’t know what’s wrong with it but I would like to find out if this is ture and we could help each other.Thank you

  2. I have a 1995 f250 5.8l truck that I just blew out the spark plug.. and wondering if your auto repair students can help with engine repairs and plug change and tune ups as teaching aids…I am not I student or faculty, but I know how useful this could be for students and also myself….will be happy to pay parts and whatever else is needed…with the price of mechanics and unfortunate experiences in the past would like to have your services if at all possible….hav’nt taught there for some time but did teach horticulture night classes and I know how the quality of your instructors and students..thanks and please reply if you can..i use the truck as a work truck ..

    1. Hi Ron,
      It’s a great program. The department can be reached at 361-698-1725 if you want to give it a shot. Thanks for reading!

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