Figueroa bids farewell to Del Mar

imageKaliegh Benck / Editor-in-chief

Del Mar College provost and Vice President of Instruction and Student Services Fernando Figueroa will soon retire his Viking hat as he steps into a new opportunity next spring.

Figueroa has worked with Del Mar College since December 2009.  On Feb. 2 he will move to Dallas and work as vice chancellor for education policy with Dallas County Community College District.

“The college is really moving in the right direction This is a great time for me to hand the reigns over to someone else,” Figueroa said.

The future prospect to replace the provost’s position is still unknown but according to Figueroa, Mark Escamilla, president of the college, is likely to hire from the outside.

“My favorite thing that’s happened here was the turkey bowl. That was such a ‘college’ kind fo experience with the staff. That’s definitely something I’ll take with me,” Figueroa said.

Meagan Falcon

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