The hottest and newest shows arrive this fall

New and exciting shows coming from different networks are set to air this fall. Last year’s lineup was panned by many critics as mediocre at best. This year, fortunately, shows much more promise. Here are five that you won’t want to miss.

Muppets CMYKContributed photo/ABC Studios


Everyone’s favorite puppets return to the small screen. “The Muppets” follows Kermit and his friends running a late show hosted by Miss Piggy. ABC’s latest take on Jim Henson’s popular characters is geared toward adults and not young children. Muppet fans will enjoy the dark yet funny tone not seen in previous incarnations.



A TV lawyer becomes the real thing in “The Grinder.” The show stars Rob Lowe as television actor Dean Sanderson Jr., who returns home after his show is canceled and becomes a real lawyer along with younger brother Stewart (Fred Savage), an actual attorney. These two sibling attorneys will butt heads during court proceedings. Stewart, somewhat inexperienced, questions Dean at handling real-life tasks. “The Grinder” is expected to air this fall.



The fastest man alive returns this fall. After debuting last year on CW, “The Flash” quickly gained popularity overnight. Season 2 begins shortly after Season 1’s finale. New characters, villains and adventures await for the scarlet speedster. Flash is also set to appear in another spin-off series called “Legends of Tomorrow” along with Green Arrow and other DC Comic characters next year.



Marvel’s “Jessica Jones,” previously called “Aka Jessica Jones,” is a digital Web series that stars Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, former superheroine who becomes a private detective. She is joined by another well-known Marvel character, Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and villain, Purple Man (David Tennant), whose power includes mind control. “Jones” is part of a Netflix deal with Marvel to produce television series based on Marvel properties (Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage). All three shows connect with the Marvel cinematic universe.


ScreamQueensContributed photo/Fox


Ryan Murphy blends “Mean Girls” and “Scream” into one very funny take on horror. “Scream Queens” follows college freshman Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels) as she becomes part of an infamous Kappa sorority, led by its president, Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts). She and other Kappa members are later threaten from a costumed Red Devil murderer. Jamie Lee Curtis makes her surprising return to horror, decades after “Halloween: H20,” as university dean Cathy Munsch. “Scream Queens” offers plenty of laughs while scaring the audience as well.

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