Del Mar Canvas receives major upgrades to features and design

Don’t get too comfortable with the current Canvas interface — in spring of 2016 Del Mar College will be adapting to keep up with current Canvas trends.

DMC recently hosted a Canvas conference in which professors of different colleges joined together to learn the new changes.

At the convention, Jace Gilbert, a Canvas employee, explained the different designs teachers most often use. He went into detail about the navigation and the usability of each of the designs.


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Del Mar College’s Canvas interface lists discussions, messages and assignments online. The service’s interface will receive a makeover in spring to make it easier to use.

“There are four different patterns we see teachers use,” Gilbert said. “There is the complex shallow design, which is the most difficult to navigate through. The best design to use is the simple deep design. This design is straight forward and easy to use.”

According to Gilbert, research shows that when a course uses the simple deep design students are more likely to participate and earn higher grades.

Gilbert went through his favorite changes that Canvas will be making. These include the interface, the due date updater, quiz item analysis and the commons center.

One of the new features he said teachers will enjoy the most is the commons center. It makes it easy to share course material from teacher to teacher. For instance, if every science teacher is required to have the same syllabus, it can be shared through commons so every science teacher can have access to it, Gilbert said.

“My favorite thing that is being updated is the Canvas interface,” Gilbert said. “The environment is beautiful and easy to use. It will make the teaching environment easier to use and understand.”

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