Jenga, the game of epic proportions

Kristy Urbick, the director of intramural sports, hosted Giant Jenga on Feb. 17 at the Kinesiology building in the gym.

Jordana Shaheen far left. Sara Torres middle left. Kristy Urbick middle right. Belinda Hernandez fat rightPhotos by Colby Farr/Foghorn

Sara Torres (from left), Kristy Urbick and Belinda Hernandez pick up the pieces after a failed attempt to stack the blocks.

Six people attended to see how tall they could build the tower of blocks before it fell.
It was an afternoon of high tension as participants held their breath in anticipation for whatever would happen next. Every time the blocks fell, a loud crash followed, rattling the table.
At the end of the day, the participants found themselves eagerly waiting for the next time they could stack some blocks. The next intramural sports event is a spikeball tournament taking place at 2:30 p.m. on Feb. 24 and March 2 in the gym.

Laura Flores left. Belinda Hernandez middle. Enrique Rios rightLaura Flores (from left), Belinda Hernandez and Enrique Rios take turns pulling out Jenga pieces.

Intramural Schedule 

Feb. 24-March 2: Spikeball Tournament March 5: Tennis Tournament
March 9: Dodgeball
March 17-April 2: NCAA March Madness March 22: 3 Point/Hot Shot Contest March 29: 5k Fun Run

March 30-April 14: 5v5 Basketball League
April 19-20: Frisbee Golf
April 21: 4v4 Flag Football Tournament

April 23: Racquetball Tournament

April 26-28: Ultimate Frisbee Tournament May 3-4: Handball Tournament
May 5: Spring Celebration
Ongoing: 100-Mile Challenge

View registration details and event times at

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