Vocal Vikings hit the beach

Although they normally travel one weekend a month to compete, the Vocal Vikings will get to stay home and play host to the competition with Speech on the Beach.

Set in the Coles Building on the Del Mar College East Campus, Speech on the Beach is a favorite for many competitors because they get to stay at a hotel near the beach, which is perfect to relax after a long day of competition or just to forget about college work and be around teammates.

“Many students haven’t been to the beach and this might be their first time. Speech on the Beach is cool because many of the teams that we compete with get to experience what it might be like to be a student at Del Mar,” said Miguel Porfirio, Vocal Viking team captain.

The Vocal Vikings compete against big universities like Rice, the University of Texas, Texas State and Mary Hardin Baylor, but also junior colleges such as San Antonio Community College, Tyler Junior College and LSC North Harris. Competing against these big schools and other community colleges means the team can learn different things they can use in their own pieces for the next tournament or for next season.

“The team became a family but other schools as well and for me I can learn a lot about my talent as well as others,” said John Caceres, Vocal Vikings team member.

Traveling and bonding with other schools is a big part of being on the team. Besides meeting others who share their interest, students learn about other schools and also gain scholarship opportunities along the way.

“Speech on the Beach is an annual speech tournament hosted by Del Mar College and San Jacinto College,” said Sarah Contreras, speech professor and coach.

Students who are interested in learning more about the team can come and watch a few rounds. By joining the team, it helps students promote good researching skills and speaking skills that can be used in any classroom environment or in the future at work and also shows how to work in a team. For more information about the Vocal Vikings and how to get involved, stop by the Communications Office in the Memorial Building or talk with any of the Vocal Vikings team members.

Speech on the Beach runs Feb. 19-21 with debate at noon Feb. 19. Oral Interpretation events are set for Feb. 20 and Day.

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