How do you feel about having a southside campus and why?

We asked a few of our Vikings how they about having a southside campus and these were their answers.



“That would be convenient. It would definitely help out with parking. It’s so crowded here.”

— Sandra Gonzalez,


atv_4“I’m for it. That part of town needs to grow. They need quality employees with an educated background.”

— Patrick Kelly,

business administration

atv_5“It would be good for getting more students. It makes sense to make more space at Del Mar.”

— Aimee Hinojosa,

digital media

aatv_6“If they’re going to expand, I’m down for it, but I haven’t looked up what possible cons would be.”

— Aaron Garcia,

radio and tv production

atv_1“I feel like it’s a good thing because I live on the southside, so it would be more convenient to me. I think it’s really good for people who live closer that way.”

— Ileene Doria,


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