Vikings encouraged to get involved at fair

Local agencies aim to recruit student volunteers

More than 30 community agencies gathered in the Harvin Center the last week of September for the annual Viking Volunteer Fair. Some of the agencies seeking volunteers included Habitat for Humanity, River City Hospice, the Texas State Aquarium and the Coastal Bend Blood Center.

“(The Student Service Center) invites nonprofit agencies to recruit students to volunteer,” said Beverly Cage, director of Student Leadership and Campus Life. “One of the things we try to support is civil engagement. The community supports Del Mar, so we have to give back to the community.”

While some organizations have certain requirements and request background checks before volunteering, you don’t need that or a certain GPA to be part of the Viking Volunteers, just a willingness to work and give back to the community.

All DMC student clubs are required to do one on-campus and one off-campus community service event each semester, but students are encouraged to take it a step further and into their own hands. The volunteer fair is the ideal opportunity to find that perfect community service project.

“I think it’s important to volunteer because you never know what you may learn or experience when you volunteer,” said Daniel Solis, who attended the fair. “You are being somebody’s hero by volunteering so I say go out and be someone’s hero.”

Last year the Viking Volunteers performed over 7,000 volunteer hours and the SGA won first place in community service at their state conference. Anyone who volunteers 15 hours a semester and provides documentation will receive a T-shirt and a medal to wear at graduation.

“We want students to volunteer where they want to. It’ll be better if they volunteer with an agency of their choice,” Cage said. “We get agencies calling with over 100 opportunities a year.”

It’s never too late to begin a career in community service and work toward bettering the community. For more information contact Cage at 361-698- 1280 or

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