Cosmetology event keeps vets a cut above the rest

The Del Mar College cosmetology program hosted a day of free haircuts for those who have served in celebration of Veterans Day. 

“This is the second year we’ve done it,” said Lissa Gonzalez, cosmetology instructor. “It is a small token of our gratitude for the tremendous sacrifice that is involved in serving in the military.”

Gonzalez estimated that 40 veterans stopped by West Campus to receive a haircut. 

Dual credit students such as Rebekah Lee volunteered their time to cut hair.  Lee is a student at Flour Bluff High School as well as Del Mar.

“You’re my first ever client,” Lee said as she approached me with the clippers. 

“I have two uncles that were in the military. It’s fun to talk to y’all and hear where y’all have been. It’s fun to give you a nice haircut,” Lee said.

The offer was enjoyed by veterans and active-duty military alike. Staff Sgt. John Felan sat for a haircut and talked about his time in the military and what offers like Del Mar’s meant to him. 

“It’s really appreciated,” Felan said. “We need to honor the ones who came before. They deserve recognition and credit.”

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