Lecture details life and times of veterans

Political science professor Renato Ramirez detailed stories and events that happened in the lives of American soldiers in multiple combat situations during a lecture in honor of Veterans Day in the White Library on East Campus.

Ramirez drew from several nonfiction sources such as “Among the Valiant,” “The World War I Diary of Jose De La Lus Saenz” and “The National Timberwolf Association Membership Roster,” as well as members of Ramirez’s own family who served during times of conflict.

Next to the projector screen was a dedication set up for Lt. Lloyd H “Hete” Hughes, a Del Mar College graduate who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Among the veterans at the lecture was Louis Corona, Ramirez’s uncle who served during the Cold War period of American history. Louis was accompanied by his wife, Edna Corona.

Renato Ramirez, politcal science professor at Del Mar College.
Renato Ramirez, politcal science professor at Del Mar College.

“American history, I think, is very important, especially for the younger people because they weren’t here for the Second World War, the First World War, Korean War, Vietnam War,” Louis Corona said about the lecture and the information the attendees learned from Ramirez.

His wife, Edna, offered her support.

“For me, being the wife of an Army veteran is a very inspiring idea. Being patriotic, there’s nothing more realistic than being patriotic,” she said.

Renato conveyed a great sense of respect and pride in the veterans he spoke about during his lecture and stressed the patriotism his family feels toward the USA.

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