Economic Crunch: hear from the Foghorn staff on where to find the best wings in town

With football season upon us, snack food frenzy is in full swing. With wings being a popular choice for football game snackage, we sent our reporters out to find the best wings in Corpus Christi.

britt wings



The Super Bowl is around the corner and people are starting to plan to host parties for the event, whether they barbecue in the backyard or are ordering pizza and wings to feed the hungry viewers. Some like to go to restaurants that have flat-screen TVs to watch the game.

I went to Wings n’ More to try out their wings; however, I ended up having the Wing n’ Tender combo that was roughly $9. It comes with three chicken strips, five wings (with your choice in sauce) and fries with either ranch or bleu cheese dip. Their chicken strips were really good and were not overly crispy, but the wings tasted dry. Maybe it’s because I had garlic parmesan flavor and that made it dry, if I had a different sauce maybe that would’ve helped like medium-hot or barbecue. They have Wing Party Trays that would be perfect for the Super Bowl. It can go from 25 piece for $20 to 100 piece for $80 and you can vary it with different sauces.

The service was great and have plenty of room for people — inside, outside, or in the bar. Anywhere you sit are several TVs and no doubt on Super Bowl night they will all be tuned to the game. Although if you do decide to watch the game at the restaurant its best to arrive early.

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $9


jonathan wingsJONATHAN GARCIA


With Super Bowl just coming around the corner, many people are eager to see which football team will battle for the Vince Lombardi trophy and which player gets Super Bowl MVP. But another thing people look forward to is having chicken wings/tenders to grub out on during the big game. So I decided to head out to Wingstop at the Ayers location to get a bite to eat.

Upon entering the restaurant, the place where you take your order is right there as soon as you walk in. I took a good glance at the menu, but as I was doing so the person who was working the register was staring at me which kind of made me feel a bit uneasy. I noticed they had tenders, so I decided to have those. I ordered some garlic parmesan tenders, which comes with choice of fries or veggies and a 20-ounce drink that can be upgraded to a large for 30 cents more. I decided to upgrade my drink considering I was thirsty and they give you a choice if you want your drink now or when your meal comes out. I of course wanted my drink now, so I got my drink and payed for my meal which rang up to $13.09 which I thought was pricey for five tenders and fries.

I took a good look around the restaurant and noticed it had like a sort of 1950s aviator feel. About 10 minutes later, my meal was ready so I took it to my table and was ready to have me some tasty tenders. I noticed that they may have went overboard with the parmesan cheese powder on the tenders as I found myself scraping it off. The tenders were juicy and the meat from the chicken wasn’t dry at all which was good. The fries were also good as they had a mix of salt and sugar taste making them sweet yet salty.

As good as the meat in the tenders were, it was very greasy and made me full quickly. It made me wonder if I should have tried another flavor of wing sauce as they also had buffalo, barbecue, spicy, etc. But Wingstop has a lot of different kinds of wings for everyone to try from boned or boneless wings to tenders they got you covered. Just if you plan on getting the garlic parmesan tenders, be sure you have a very empty stomach as it will be guaranteed to fill you up and for those wanting to munch on these on the big game should stick with either barbecue or buffalo flavor.

Rating: 3/5

Price: $13.09




Mesquite St. Pizza & Pasta Co. is known for its Italian cuisine and fun atmosphere, but being wing season, I had to try them out.

While spicy and tangy flavors were an option, I can’t handle the heat and went for simple garlic parmesan flavored. Ten bone-in wings were enough to share and they went over very well. While I’m not a fan of bones in my chicken wings, it was easy enough to eat and enjoy these. A big plus for me was they weren’t crazy messy, either.

Mesquite St. is a fun, although kind of small, place where the servers are friendly and the atmosphere was nice. I got to enjoy these wings while also enjoying local comics and it’s a great place to take friends for a chill night out.

Rating: 4/5

Price: $15.45

michelle wingsMICHELLE MIRELEZ


WINGS WINGS WINGS!!! is all I look forward to when the Super Bowl is around the corner — it’s the turkey to my Thanksgiving.

As much as I enjoy a $5 Hot-N-Ready every Wednesday, I never thought about trying their wings.

Leaving me with a slim menu and only three options of barbecue, mild, or hot wings, I decided on barbecue.

Their wings only come in a serving size of eight wings for 6.45 per order — no more no less.

Sitting down with my order of wings and side of breadsticks, the smell of sweet and tangy hit my nose and made my mouth water.

Before I took my first bite I noticed that the wing was as small and as thick as my thumb. “What am I a toddler?”

The wings left me a little confused because I could have swore I ordered barbecue flavor, but all I could taste was lemon pepper. But at least they weren’t dry.

Service was great and quick but I would stick to the pizza when it comes to Little Casears.


Rating: 1/5

Price: $8.11

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