Harvin Center proves to be a delicious choice


Sarah Fecht


The food court, located downstairs in the Harvin Center on Del Mar College’s East Campus, is the place to go if you need a quick bite before heading to that next class. Any time I have ever gone there for a break, I am met with friendly staff and am able to check out with my food of choice quickly. Although it is small, the food court has a lot to offer, from a cup of coffee and light snacks to a variety of choices for a full meal.

Usually, I will choose to get a small salad bar to go and eat upstairs in the Harvin Center where it is quieter and less crowded. I think the seating downstairs in the Harvin Center is small and can get quite loud. I want to be able to relax while I eat, even if I do only have 30 minutes between classes; I need a moment, people. There are some tables downstairs that are removed from the masses congregated in the central meeting area, but upstairs, there is less bustle and noise overall.

The chicken fried steak and two sides at the Harvin Center was only $5.73.
The chicken fried steak and two sides at the Harvin Center was only $5.73.

The salad bar is always clean and fully stocked when I arrive. The vegetables and condiments are always fresh and there’s a variety to choose from. If I have a little more time or am not in the mood for just a salad, I will order a club sandwich that’s prepared right in front of me and usually I don’t have to wait very long for it, even with a line in front of me.

The cafeteria-style section of the food court also has fresh and hot food ready to serve. The one thing I have come to like and look forward to when they have it is the chicken fried steak. I have to say, if you haven’t tried it, you should. You might realize you’ve been missing out this whole time.

Everything is prepared fresh and you get a full meal for a good price. This day that I went to the food court, they had the chicken fried steak and I immediately skipped the salad bar and went straight for the full meal. I was able to receive my plate of chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and cream gravy, a choice of vegetable and a dinner roll and check out within five minutes. The price was only $5.73; not a bad deal for all that.

I was able to have that full 30 minutes to eat and not feel rushed. The food was hot and satisfactory. Having three classes in one day, one right after the other, can make it difficult to pack a lunch and keep it fresh in a fridge or from being crushed in my backpack.

If you don’t have time to leave campus or a way to pack a lunch, I highly recommend the food court in the Harvin Center. It’s convenient and has a lot to choose from. It’s better than overpaying for that unfulfilling snack in the vending machine, which may eat your money and not deliver your product in the end, resulting in some choice words and violent backlash against it. I’ll opt for that friendly smile I’m met with from the staff in the food court while I choose what I want for that day.

Price: $5.73

Score: 4/5

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