DMC proposes 9 gun-free zones

Bill Eaves


In August, all public community colleges in Texas will be required to allow concealed handguns to be carried on campus by licensed owners.

However, those planning to exercise their Second Amendment rights at Del Mar in the fall should know that there are several spaces designated as gun-free on campus.

There are several laws that allow the administration to designate these areas, and Interim Chief of Security Lauren White explained why these spaces were recommended to receive the gun-free designation.

“There are areas where guns will be prohibited. The Center for Early Learning is a daycare, and one of the areas where you can restrict access,” White said.

The college has selected and is seeking feedback on nine areas is has proposed as gun-free zones. Other areas include Collegiate High School, premises where sporting events are taking place, spaces where volatile chemicals are being stored, spaces used for government meetings, formal meetings, polling, and religious services or IT rooms.

Along with campus carry regulations come concerns from students about the verification procedures for gun owners.

“If they see something or are concerned about it, call security (at 698-1199),” White said.

She explained that an armed, off-duty CCPD officer will check permits if needed.

Del Mar has no plans to increase its security department’s manpower but is researching the possibility of creating its own police department, according to White.

All of the gun-free areas are “recommended,” but the Board of Regents is slated to review the recommendations made by the Campus Carry Committee in April.

For more information about campus carry at Del Mar or to offer feedback on the proposed gun-free areas, visit

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