Manners, It’s what’s for dinner

Mark Young

A person with bad manners can leave a lasting impression on any number of important people. Whether it’s a date or a dinner with a possible boss, you don’t want to be rude or use bad manners. To combat this, the DMC Vikings Alumni and the Career Development Center sponsored an etiquette lunch at Del Mar.

“The luncheon was a great opportunity for students to learn some vital skills that could come in handy in the future,” said Vanessa Adkins with the Career Development Center, who coordinated the March 6 luncheon.

Adkins said the annual event only recently added the employer panel, which was to help students on more of the technical side of getting jobs, such as resumes and interview skills.

Featuring a four-course meal and a proper etiquette tutorial, the luncheon was presented by Irma Noyola-Wolcott, an etiquette consultant from Fun With Etiquette. She taught the audience tips and tricks about proper etiquette at the dinner table and how it can help you in the future.

Noyola-Wolcott stressed how important proper etiquette was and also gave a presentation on proper tableware placement, which utensils to use, and, most importantly, where and how to put the napkin on your lap.

The luncheon also gave students a chance to speak with DMC alumni, who gave them important information regarding their career. Educator Nancy Vera, Director of Career Services at A&M-CC Heather Hanami, and many more local business officials were at the event and were able to help students.

Payton Jones, an education major, said she “had so much fun and learned a lot.” Jones also said she learned a lot of skills that would help her possibly get jobs in the future and be a more proper person.

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