SGA wants students to get more involved

Sophia Montez

The SGA wants you – to get involved.

“My goal is to get clubs more involved with their actual campus” said Student Government Association President Danielle Tamez.

The SGA has closely been working with clubs to get them involved and engaged with campus life. They’ve also been working to close the gap between the clubs of West Campus and East Campus. Even though their efforts are in its beginning stages, they’ve cleared hurdles such as the scheduling conflict between the two campuses. Del Mar students at the East Campus tend to only attend class for a few hours a day, while West Campus students have block periods, where they attend classes for most of the day.

Tamez is passionate about the issues the students at Del Mar may have. She, along with fellow SGA officer Phillip Gonzalez, are part of the Campus Carry Committee. The SGA and Campus Carry Committee encouraged students to share their voice on the subject. Del Mar College, through its website, allowed students to comment on recommendations that have been made in regards to areas where concealed weapons could not be carried on campus. The site also shows committee members, and frequently asked questions about the issue.

If you are a student enrolled in Del Mar College, you are automatically a member of The Student Government Association. Paying the $7 in tuition labeled “Student Activities Fees” means that college students have a say in the discussions of the SGA. Meeting once a month, every third week, The Student Government Association meets to discuss the issues and concerns of the students of the college.

The Feb. 15 meeting was held at the West Campus; topics of discussion ranged from the different community services available to clubs on and off campus to the reveal of the mascot.

The priority of the meetings is the Think PINK campaign, which stands for “Power In Numbers and Knowledge.”

SGA adviser Beverly Cage said her biggest tagline for students in regards to the campaign is “Did you know?” Think PINK is how the SGA lets students know everything that’s going on around campus. From attending board meetings that change student tuition fees, to scholarship workshops on campus, the SGA wants students to be informed.

The next SGA meeting is going to be at 12:30 p.m. March 21 in Conference Room 1 in the Harvin Center on East Campus. Not only will students be able to listen on the meeting, there’s also an announcement period, where students can brush over issues they thought the SGA missed, or even if they need help advertising for a new roommate.

Clubs on campus are also heavily encouraged to attend. If clubs need help promoting or planning an event, there is a time slot for that as well.

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