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The fourth floor of the White Library is now not only the place to go to get help on your essay, but it is now also where you can get help on your resume.

The Title V program created a new Career Readiness Institute, which will be aimed at helping students for their journey after Del Mar. They will offer resume services, teach soft skills, provide interview tips and also help students start on a career path toward their dream job.

“This has been in the works for around four years and began two years ago since the grant. Shortly after we partnered with the Stone Writing Center,” said Victor Davila, Title V director.

Title V of the Higher Education Act is a grant that is given to schools specializing in improving the education of Hispanic, low-income and underrepresented student populations.

The Stone Writing Center will not only be neighbors, but partners with the new Career Readiness Institute.

“They will help with resumes and cover letters, among other things, and then the student will come over to the Career Readiness Institute to perfect their writing and prepare for other steps in the job process,” Davila said.

Yazmin Diaz, a grant coordinator for the Title V program, has been one of the leading forces behind the Career Readiness Institute.

“Right now we are focusing on getting ready for the school year, but also looking ahead,” Diaz said. “We are planning on bringing local business leaders from different fields to come and speak to students as well as workshops that will help students.”

One of the many new services will be offered include Interview Stream, which Diaz says will “allow students to record a mock interview and send it in to us so we can critique them and help them improve.”

Davila said so much work has gone into this new program because students need to be prepared for life after college.

“Students are prepared academically, but not always for the workforce,” Davila said. “But I’m passionate about this program because I’ve been there and I want students to succeed.

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