High school to get UIL

Mia Estrada


Collegiate High School students will soon be able to participate in University Interscholastic League Academic events for the first time.

Collegiate High School, which started at Del Mar College in 2006, was initially not designed to be a UIL participant. Because of growing student interest, the school’s administration submitted a proposal and was approved for consideration this academic year.

Students will be able to compete this school year in UIL Academic Competitions in various disciplines or subject matters; however, the campus has not yet made these selections.

Collegiate Principal Tracie Rodriguez, Ph.D., said the addition of the UIL opportunity will allow for more choice in extracurricular events that students and teachers have interest in wanting to pursue.

“It’s a new experience for the school as well as ourselves … this will be a learning year and we’ll probably start with greatest interest areas and then grow more,” Rodriguez said.

Students such as senior Hannah Heasley were excited at the news.

“We are ready to start competing against other schools this year,” Heasley said.

“Initially, when I started here, I was really sad about not being able to compete in UIL” said Heasley, who competed in soprano throughout middle school. “I still would like to do this. I want to look through drawers for my old UIL competition music from middle school. I miss singing that kind of music, so it’s really cool that I’m going to be able to do that again.”

Rodriguez said the school would not have to hire new employees at this time to fulfill these interests.

“Although, it does not mean that we have to hire more staff; what it does mean is that staff will be inclusive of taking on sponsorships for a particular event,” Rodriguez said.

Student Ferina Owen De Vera said being granted UIL was a reward from being a hardworking senior.

“It feels like we’ve earned it. We work so hard to build something and create something here that we always wanted and finally we have it.”

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