Protesters set their sights on the circus

Group gathers to speak out against Garden Bros.

A small group of peaceful animal rights protesters stood outside the American Bank Center during the Garden Bros. Circus on Sept. 13.

Since Barnum & Bailey announced in January it was no longer using animals in its shows, PETA has been campaigning for other shows to do the same. Faith Robinson, a representative from PETA, reached out to Del Mar College student Julieta Hernandez asking her to organize a protest.

“Circus animals are not happy,” Hernandez shouted from protest lines. Hernandez organized the protest in hopes that she can help “inform people and try to be as educational as possible” about the use of animals in the circus.

“Animals shouldn’t be used for our entertainment,” said protester Anthony Solis.

Another protester, Izzy Erratas, felt circus-goers have a lack of understanding of what circus animals endure.

“Not enough people realize what is happening. It’s not right to be abusing animals and exploiting them,” Erratas said.

Those who were coming for the show didn’t seem deterred.

“Where else are we supposed to see animals? They aren’t putting them in zoos anymore” said circus-goer Cathy Gutierrez.

Patricia Rodriguez brought her young daughter to see the show.

“Everyone has seen a circus, it’s something to experience,” Rodriguez said.

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