Joshua Hays Trying out the Viking Virtual Line

Del Mar College hopes to make the registration process more efficient with its new Viking Virtual Line.

On Sept. 22, the Viking Go app began offering the Viking Virtual Line, which aims to make it easier for students who need to meet with someone in the registration office without having to stand in line.

Students will sign in on the Viking Go app and locate the Viking Virtual Line and sign up to be put in line. Then they will be notified on their phones when they are to be next in line. There are also monitors located upstairs in the Harvin Center that will show the student where he or she is at in line. This feature makes it more convenient for students, who can do other things while they wait.

Jessica Montalvo-Cummings, director of Web services, said the project has been in the works for about a year.

“We came up with the idea last October 2016 and started working on it this past spring semester 2017, and vision of launching it for the fall semester 2017,” Montalvo-Cummings said.

“Each student service department will slowly become a feature on the Viking Go app and the West Campus will be receiving this feature on Oct. 23,” Montalvo-Cummings said.

The first department that students can use this feature for is the cashier and registrar office. Financial aid and other student services will be receiving this feature later this month.

“There has been a lack of awareness for marketing materials,” Montalvo-Cummings said. Once the banners and materials arrive they will be hung around the school.

Joshua Hays, a sophomore, has used the Viking Go app before but was not aware of the latest feature added to the app.

“Yes I will use it next time for sure,” Hays said, now that he knows about the option.

For more information contact Jessica Montalvo-Cummings at

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