Organizations seek volunteers

Mia Estrada

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation social media specialists Ryan Gonzalez and Orlando Narvaez caught many students’ attention when handing out condoms at the Viking Volunteer Fair.

“We are hoping to assist anybody who is HIV positive to get connected into health care and also spread awareness of practicing safe sex or getting STD tested,” Narvaez said.

The Viking Volunteer Fair, held Sept. 25-26, allowed students and businesses to come together for participant and work opportunities.

On the first floor of the Harvin Center, students received information from different booths of organizations such as Freedom Fitness, Women’s Shelter of South Texas, the United States Army, Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation and the South Texas Humane Society.

The wellness foundation wants to get the word out in the community about the services it offers. Volunteers are needed to stock food and assemble prevention packs.

Cassandra Huye, community educator at the Women’s Shelter of South Texas, was looking for people who are passionate to volunteer for the cause.

“We are working on resources right now for Go Purple Domestic Violence and Awareness month, so we need manpower to be making materials, and also to come and table with us to get the word out in the community,” Huye said.

The Women’s Shelter provides direct services, which lets students volunteer directly with residents at the shelter. It also provides indirect services, which allow students to volunteer at events and perform clerical work.

Army recruiter Hector De Leon talked to students about the services students can join in the Army.

“We talk to the students about all the benefits that could come with the Army service, such as the GI Bill or the Army Reserve Montgomery GI Bill, if they want to stay a full-time student,” he said.

However, De Leon said every time he recruits at schools about one to two students who are interested join.

Andrea Balboa, a Del Mar College GED student, hopes to volunteer at the Gulf Coast Humane Society and join the Army.

“It would be a good thing to do and learn how to train my dog. As far as the Army, I hope to do that after I get my GED,” Balboa said.

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