Katie Babbitt

The National Parks Service is an attractive job option for some students.

Patrick Gamman and Oralia Fernandez visited Del Mar College on Oct. 25 to give a presentation on why students should apply for a job in the National Parks Service.

As a man who has been in the National Parks Service since 1990, having worked in a variety of national parks and the Peace Corps., Gamman shared why he chose to give this presentation to Del Mar students.

“I worked a lot in the National Parks and Corpus was a good fit to tap into the local talent to encourage people to work in the National Parks Service or even push their limits,” he said.

Gamman urged students to visit usajobs.gov to apply for a position in the National Parks service. Some of the positions include law enforcement, planners, politics and nurses.

This job is a flexible one ranging from seasonal positions, a few years and even a permanent position. There is even a unique career path set up for Del Mar students who are veterans.

Fernandez, who has served in two wars, offered a tip for students applying.

“Positions close when 100 people apply to the job,” she said.

The presentation was not just about making a career the National Parks Service but also about a helpful websites used to apply for jobs. The websites, usajobs.gov and opm.gov/faq, aid students in résumé building.

If students do not have their résumé already made then they can use usajob’s template. Gamman provided several helpful tips for résumé building like providing the exact dates of different jobs students have had.

Another good to know tip about applying for a job in the National Parks Service is that if a student chooses to apply for a job in the National Parks Service they will not need to stop their résumé at a certain number of pages.

A résumé with the National Parks Service is as long as it needs to be; “you don’t want to make it incredibly long, but long enough,” Gamman said.

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