Mia Estrada


Construction for the General Academic and Music Building Phase 2 project has been well on its way, with a few unexpected delays.

Electrical infrastructure issues were traced back to where the old English building used to be, which led to workers rerouting the infrastructure.

“There were unforeseen underground conditions with piping for stormwater sanitary sewers, and electrical IT infrastructure,” said Michael Armbruster, project manager of Bartlett Cocke & Beecroft.

English Professor Veronica Pantoja is excited for the building, especially because employees were asked to look at designs and give requests.

“It sounds beautiful, especially for the indoor/outdoor space that they are suppose to name after Mike Anzaldua,” Pantoja said.

Crews have begun working on place slabs for the first building. After construction is done, workers plan to add walkways for the new building and landscaping touchups.

The final product will allow for more classrooms, teachers and new studies.

“This helps the future of Corpus Christi, as well as Del Mar College, like my daughter who will get to attend and have better opportunities,” said Milanda Ballesteros, operations office specialist.


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