Fall in love with a book

Students take part in Library offer to go on ‘blind date’

If you want to have some fun with a book, then “Blind Date with a Book” is for you.

The process is simple. The book is mysteriously wrapped and there are three key words describing that book on a sticky note and the student will have to guess if they like the book.

For Library Assistant Aaron Avalos, “getting confidence to check out a book” is important for students.

For Photography major Andrew Acuna, his reason is simple.

“I hope the book shows me a good time just like a real date,” Acuna said.

With “Blind Date with a Book” students should “get the excitement of opening the book at home,” Avalos said.

Avalos went on to say that getting involved in the library process is important for students.

English major Claire Polk shared her reason for visiting.

“I want to get lost in the book the way I would get lost in my date’s eyes,” Polk said.

Surgical tech major Candice Lopez said, “I love the mystery of a new book and I’d rather have books than cats.”

Another chief reason for “Blind Date with a Book” is “to let students know the library has books they like,” Avalos said.

The brainchild for this literary initiative, Amanda Kowloski, was unavailable for comment.

“Blind Date with a Book” runs through the month of February and the display of books is on the fifth floor of the White Library. Students can grab a book of their choosing, check it out then read it.

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